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John Rosenthal

"In his photographs, several of which line my walls and comfort me daily, John Rosenthal elevates the simple, quotidian elements of life into the realms of the artistic eternal. I love his work. His pictures are metaphors full of strong story and pleasure. John makes me think and feel differently about my world. He has the blessed ability to pull a person up out of despair. His work demands the widest possible viewership. He is a master."

-Kaye Gibbons, novelist, Ellen Foster, A Virtuous Woman

"New York has for the last two decades been fixed by Rosenthal into eloquent oppositions of black and white . . . Regarding America’s most overwhelming city, he has been able to individualize the epic, to isolate and illuminate the particular, in works that stand among the most noteworthy of his photographic revelations."

-James Thompson, art critic and historian.

"Every song of lament is simultaneously a song of praise; we only mourn the passing of things we cherish. And what the images of Regarding Manhattan teach us how to cherish is the overwhelming, sometimes dangerous, yet always enlivening disorder and multiplicity of pleasure, ambition, and desire embedded in this most American of cities."

-Alan Shapiro, from the Introduction.

"John Rosenthal's New York is the overheard and ambiguous disappearing city one comes to know by walking Manhattan's streets with nothing more in mind than being there. He honors a city many of us recognize, a complex place of pathos and small daily epiphanies, once in a while lit up by an improbable convergence of human aspiration and divine grace."

-Gregory Conniff, photographer and writer

Photographers often set out to celebrate Manhattan, but end up exploiting it instead. John Rosenthal never falls into that trap. His patient images, by turn stark, poignant, and mysterious, are always respectful, never patronizing. He loves Manhattan too much for that."

-Sy Safransky, editor of The Sun Magazine
REGARDING MANHATTAN was published by Safe Harbor Books, New London, New Hampshire. It was printed at Stinehour Press, Lunenberg, Vermont. The designer of this volume is the inestimable Dean Bornstein. The photographs were produced as 300-line-screen duotones on Warren Lustro Dull text.

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