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John Rosenthal

John Rosenthal’s photographs have been exhibited throughout the north and south. His one-person shows include exhibits at The National Humanities Center, The Asheville Museum of Art, The National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C., the NIH in Bethesda, Chapel Hill, Duke, Maryland, the Panopticon Gallery of Boston, the Center for the Study of the American South, Wake Forest, Elon College, Salem College, Hollins College, the School of Design at North Carolina State University, the Tyndall Gallery, and The Green Hill Center for North Carolina Art.
John Rosenthal
circa 1950

His work, including essays and photography, has appeared in various journals and periodicals including ARTVU, Five Points, The Carolina Quarterly, Big Bridge, The Sun Magazine, Key West Review, Kenyon Review, NCArts, The Huffington Post, The New York Magazine, The Arts Journal and In Brief, Short Takes On The Personal. Mr. Rosenthal has written and lectured widely on his own work and the work of others, including presentations at the City Gallery of Contemporary Art, The Weatherspoon Art Gallery, and, the North Carolina Museum Of Art, and served as a visiting lecturer for five years at Duke University’s Institute of the Arts.

In 1998 a collection of Mr. Rosenthal’s photographs, Regarding Manhattan was published by Safe Harbor Books, and in 2005 his work was included in Safe Harbor's Quartet: Four North Carolina Photographers. In August of 2008 an exhibit of his Lower Ninth Ward photographs, “Then, Absence,” was displayed at the New Orleans African-American Museum  and Boston’s Panopticon Gallery. Mr. Rosenthal was awarded a 2008-2009 North Carolina Arts Fellowship.